Welcome to the FPGA Synth pages.

We hope to grow this site into a usefull resource for anyone interested in using FPGAs to generate or process audio signals.
We have a range of modules which can be used for your projects, if you have a project or are starting one, let us know and we'll add some information and a link into our projects section.

There's also mailing list, a wiki, information about different types of evaluation boards, beginners examples and may more usefull resources.

If you would like to contribute to modules or another aspect of the page, drop me an e-mail.


06/07/2006 - Added link, and also CPLD file for the S3E-SK.
02/07/2007 - Added Eric Brombaugh, Scott Gravenhorst and Mike Both to the wiki
28/06/2006 - Added SPI DAC/Audio test page, your first bit of 'FPGA audio!'
25/06/2006 - Added beginners pages
25/06/2006 - Updated page with new look and feel
24/06/2006 - Wiki installed