Here we'll have useful resources for the beginner, including a FAQ, some simple example code and common problems faced by people when they first start working with FPGAs


Common misconceptions about FPGAs, useful points to remember, information about Webpack ISE and much much more

Spartan 3E Install

A few people have had problems getting up and running on their Spartan 3E boards, Scott R. Gravenhorst has kindly written a page about getting windows drivers installed for this kit.

SPI test

A quick demo to show the 12 bit SPI dac outputting a sawtooth. This is a great place to start for two reasons, firstly it's simple to 'follow' the code/flow in WebPACK and secondly it's a 'Look, it makes sound' demo.Many thanks to Eric Brombaugh for his work on this

Space Invaders Test

Ok, not strictly related to synths, but does provide a certain level of instant gratification with your spartan 3E kit. It also helps demonstrate the power and flexibility of FPGAs