Hello World

hello_world.zip - A collection of several simple switch and LED demo designs that will work on the Spartan-3E Starter Kit development board.

The Zip:

  • The cylon projects display a "cylon eye" effect in the LEDs.
    • Block RAM used to store LED patterns.
    • An LUT was used to store LED patterns.
    • PBcylon and PBcylon2 use a microcontroller. These designs show one way to connect the PicoBlaze microcontroller to your own hardware design. The logic is in the program that runs in the microcontroller. The source code for that will have a .psm extension. A copy of the assembler program (kcpsm3.exe) is in the zip. For complete information about PicoBlaze, you should download the PicoBlaze PDF documents from the Xilinx website.
  • The LEDs directory where you find little LED things done different ways.
    • Counting
    • Flashing
    • Sequencing

All of these projects are source only. You will need to create a project and add all of the source files to your project. Do not include any of the ROM_form.* files, they are for the PicoBlaze assembler.

While the designs in the zip file work, they are simplistic and not intended to demonstrate good design technique.

Download, compile and try these, then start changing things, play around.